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Searching for the best Austin deck contractors? Want to build your dream outdoor space? Want a fun outdoor activity with your family? Or need a privacy fence? If you’ve answered yes to any of these, then give us a call at Austin Deck Builder! We’d love to have the opportunity to earn your business and work with you on your project!


We can help you build and custom new design for your deck. And it will make create a relaxing mood and a beautiful place to entertain friends and family. 


A pergola typically stands over your deck and offers a shaded area to relax. Arbors offer a shaded walkway, a place for Bride and Groom vows or a grapevine trellis.


Ready for a beautiful gazebos to provide shade from the sun as well as a great place for friends and family to gather? Then give us a call for a Free Quote.


Does your deck, peragola, arbor or even gazebo needs repair? We don’t just do build new, we also repairs. Just give us a call and we’ll have it looking new again.


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We custom tailor all of our designs to your needs and desires to help make your home’s dream vision come alive. You won’t see us building stock designs so you never have to worry about coming home one day just to discover your neighbor down the street has the exact same deck that you installed a month ago. Give us a call today and talk to one of our garden design specialists and we’ll see if a trellis, arbor or pergola fit your garden appeal.

We work everyday to be the Best Decking Company in Austin!

Austin Deck company only uses the best materials available on the market for your fencing or decking project. Located conveniently in Austin, TX, you can count on your deck craftsman being local to the area, which is especially important when considering the layout of your project. When it comes to decking, a lot of factors play into the difficulty and cost of the project. If your backyard is hilly, the rough terrarin could neccessitate more bracing and support beams as well as more material.

Why Choose AUSTIN Deck Company for Your Custom-Built Deck, Gazebo or Arbor?

  1. We build your deck correctly the first time! Here at Austin Deck Company, we know and understand how important your home is to you! We want you to have something worth bragging on, without having to wait for us to finally get it right! We work hard to build high-quality decks. Your satisfaction is our top priority.
  2. We treat all of our clients just like we would want to be treated! We believe in doing business the right way, with honesty, integrity and professionalism. Our reputation is one of the factors that set us apart as the best deck building contractor in Austin. Our reputation is more important than any deal. And we strive to exceed all your expectations so that you would be glad to tell your friends and family about us. You can count on Round Rock Deck Company!
  3. All of our materials are hand picked for your particular project! We pick out our supplies and materials per project from local Austin deck company suppliers. We want you to get the best, and for your new structure to last as long as possible. Plus we want your input! We want you to get EXACTLY what you want! Click here to learn more about your choice of deck materials.
  4. We consider your needs, your home structure and your budget before beginning a project! Nobody likes being shocked by unforeseen expenses. We thoroughly inspect any and every aspect of your structure to ensure we know exactly what to prepare for! We also aim to get you what you want UNDER your deck budget! 
  5. We clean up our mess before we leave! Too often we have seen hired companies leave a mess in your back yards, and too often it has happened to us! We want to provide you with the simple courtesy of cleaning up our own mess! It’s a respect thing! 
  6. We don’t cut corners! Well physically we do cut corners, but that is where it stops. We want your new structure to be of the utmost quality! We want it to last you a long time and for you to be happy with it for a long time as well! Plus we want you to recommend Austin Deck Company to all your friends, so we want to make sure to show you the best! 
  7. We build your deck with excellence at a fair price. As mentioned previously, we build everything right the first time and we don’t cut corners! We give you the BEST! And we do so while giving you the fairest price! With our highly competitive prices, we are sure to give you the best deal in the Austin area! 
  8. Enhancing your living space is our passion! We do what we love and we love what we do! Fulfilling all of your outdoor addition dreams is our Passion! We love the satisfaction we get after wowing our customers! Let us WOW you! 
  9. We are Innovative and Creative! We love being creative and giving you multiple options with a variety of new creative twists! We are always looking for someone who will let us try out our new designs. But that doesn’t mean we won’t use your design! We don’t want to push our designs on you if you already have your mind set! If you want something done, but aren’t sure what you would like, give us a call, we are sure to come up with a jaw dropping design you will love!
  10. We aren’t happy if you aren’t! Here at Austin Deck Builders, customer satisfaction is what we thrive on! If you aren’t happy with the finished project, then we aren’t either. We will do whatever it takes for you to be 100% satisfied with your deck or project! 

How can we help you?

For over years, Austin Deck Builder has been designing and building beautiful decks, arbors and pergolas throughout Austin in hundreds of different shapes and sizes. We try our best to meet all of our clients individual requirements. As a small company, we take great pride in delivering excellent customer service. We thrive to deliver the results you deserve from a expert arbor, pergola & decking contractor. When you considerAustin Decking Contractors, you are selecting an experienced owner operator who actually physically builds decks and pergolas. Pergolas and decking is precisely what we do, day in and day out. So we understand what works, aesthetically and structurally when working with you to design that seamless indoor outdoor flow.


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The #1 DECK Builder in Austin

Often times, when building a deck on rough or hilly terrain, especially if you are building a wraparound deck or patio, you will want to consider if your deck is at risk of sinking into mud or soft earth if it is over a space that is prone to flooding. Decks can be built to withstand this frequent water, though it requires even more precaution and engineering when designing the initial structure. It’s important to talk to your deck designer about these issues when you are planning the first step of the design and build so you won’t have structural issues later on down the road.

Alternatively, if you are not looking for a raised deck, Austin Fence and Deck company can also custom build ground-level decks, which are often confused for patios. Ground-level decks are braced by a small frame that sits near to the ground, and most ground-level decks don’t raise more than tweleve inches off of the ground. These kinds of decks are perfect when designing a deck around patio furniture, sun shades and even spas and pools. If you are looking for a luxurious outdoor space for grilling, cooking or even relaxing outdoors, we can make your dream a reality at Austin Fence and Deck company, located in Austin, TX . We are proud to have the most professional deck builders in the region working with our trained designers to bring together a quality product that will last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

It doesn’t just stop at decks either, we can also handle pergolas and arbors, trellises and much more. Whether you’re looking to spice up the design of your backyard or garden and create a fantastic earthen getaway sure to amaze any guests you bring, or simply add curb appeal and luxury to your weekend family gatherings and evening grill-outs with friends, we can take care of the job and get it done right the first time around.

Need something a little larger? We can handle that too. At Austin Fence and Deck Company, we also custom build gazebos to match the desired design and individual needs of every one of our customers and we can even match it to the design of their home. Many people think that wooden gazebos are the only way to go, and they may be surprised to learn that there are many different types of gazebos that you can build for your home or garden today. From wrought-iron to traditional country wood, and even vinyl. Vinyl is a fantastic option to go with if you are looking for a nearly maintenance-free gazebo.

Often times, a vinyl gazebo may need a pressure washing once, possibly twice per year to remove grime and soot off of it. There is no need to repaint and no need to re-finish the vinyl because the color is made into the material. It is, however, hard to achieve a rustic country look with vinyl, and this is where wood is much more suited to the task. If a natural look and feel is important to you, you may want to consider having a wooden gazebo built for you. A wooden gazebo can be refinished and restained or painted to match any new color scheme you may choose for your garden or home, allowing you to have the freedom of creating a new design however often you choose.

Austin Fence and Deck Company doesn’t have fence in the name for no reason. We also specialize in building beautiful fences to accommodate and home or garden design, whether you’re looking to build a fence for the purpose of beauty or of privacy. Perhaps your neighbor is getting nosy or you simply want to keep stray animals out (or pets in). In other cases, you may enjoy the look of a fence or want to keep track of your home’s exact property line. No matter the case, we can handle the job. We provide high quality fences with capable installations that are gauranteed to last with proper and timely care and maintenance.

We offer a variety of fencing materials from wrought-iron to traditional wood and even low-maintenance vinyl. Vinyl is growing in popularity today due to the fact that it doesn’t need to be repainted or restained ever. The only maintenance that needs to be performed on vinyl is a simple pressure washing to keep grime and dirt away from the surface and keeping your colors looking bright.

Others may want to opt for the traditional picket fence or tall hardwood privacy fence. No matter your preference, we can take care of the job the right way. Give us  a call today and we’ll book an appointment to get you in touch with one of our professional fencing and decking designers. In as little as one week to a month you can have your project finished depending on the complexity of the design – don’t wait to make your dreams a reality, give us a call today and we’ll see how we can help you.


Are you looking for a professional deck repair contractor? Maybe you don't own a deck currently, but you're looking for a professional deck company to install a deck for you. With Austin Deck Contractors, you can rest assured knowing that all of our professional deck contractors and fence builders understand the aesthetic you want and the vision you have for your home. We believe that it is important that you have creative freedom and authority when it comes to deciding how your deck looks – after all, you're the one who gets to enjoy it every day once the project is completed. Why would we push you to have something you don't absolutely love?

Our backyards have become our main entertaining spaces, which is why proper planning and good design are essential. A deck or patio doesn’t have to be expensive, but does need to be properly placed and easy to access, otherwise you just won’t use it. It needs to be built pout of the best quality materials you can afford and it needs to last the distance, and never forget that well a well designed, well – built deck, patio or pergola will add considerably to the value of your home.


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